ESIRonline advanced search help

To separate your search terms, you can use a space, comma, full stop or semicolon.
E.g. vascular malformations or vascular,malformations or vascular.malformations or vascular;malformations
Please note that the search results will show all presentations containing either of the search terms used, and will also show word formations containing your search term,
e.g. endovascular.

To refine your search results, make use of the following symbols:

Use + to ensure that one or more of your search terms is included.
E.g. +malformations

Use - to exclude a word from your search results
E.g. -malformations

Use "" to find an exact match
E.g. "High flow vascular malformations: how I do it" in the field presentation title.

To search for an exact match for a combination of words within your search field, make sure to include % or * at the beginning and end of your search term to find all results.
For example, if you are searching for all presentation titles including the phrase vascular malformations, type "%vascular malformations%" or "*vascular malformations*" in the search field to find all titles containing this exact phrase.

To further refine your results, you can also use combinations of these symbols.